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zz$gauge_cols stores columns that the gauge is watching as well as the thresholds that would warrant a warning or critical condition.

It has the following columns:

Column Name Data Type Description
zz$db number Database DBID from zz$db.
name varchar2 Name of the gauge.
col# number Auto-generated number to identify the column of the gauge. Used for ordering.
col_name varhar2 The name of the column we access in the gauge query.
info_col_name varchar2 The informational column name in the gauge query.
col_oper number Encoded operator to apply when checking values.
col_warn_limit_num number Warning threshold numeric value.
col_crit_limit_num number Critical threshold numeric value.
col_warn_limit_varchar varchar2 Warning threshold string value.
col_crit_limit_varchar varchar2 Critical threshold string value.
col_warn_limit_date date Warning threshold date value.
col_crit_limit_date date Critical threshold date value.
col_warn_message varchar2 Passed to the reaction when this column check triggered a warning alert.
col_crit_message varchar2 Passed to the reaction when this column check triggered a critical alert.
col_hash raw Auto-generated hash that changes when the gauge column has been changed. Used for gauge synchronization from the repository to targets.
col_date date Auto-generated date that changes when the gauge column has been changed. Used for gauge synchronization from the repository to targets.