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zz$db is part of the zztat core tables and stores information on all the databases in the zztat environment.

The table has the following columns:

Column Name Data Type Description
zz$db# number Internal database number. Auto-generated and assigned at database registration time
zz$db number Database DBID
zz$type number Identifies the type of database. 0=repository, 1=target
zz$version number Major zztat version
zz$build varchar2 Minor zztat version
zz$tablespace varchar2 Tablespace where new zztat objects are stored. Referenced mainly by zz$part_mgmt when creating new partition view tables.
zz$state varchar2 Shows the state of the database.

NEW = Freshly created / added, awaiting initialization

READY = Ready for normal operations

UPGRADE_INIT_ERROR = Database experienced an error during the automatic init phase that kicks in during installation or after a database upgrade was detected.

name varchar2 Database name as set by the db_name of the actual database. Not editable.
unique_name varchar2 Database db_unique_name
host_name varchar2 Hostname as returned by v$instance in the database
log_mode varchar2 Archive log mode of the database
flashback_on varchar2 Whether or not the database has flashback database enabled.
push_to varchar2 If the database is in PUSH mode, this holds the database link identifier to reach the repository
pull_from varchar2 If the database is in PULL mode, this holds the database link identifier to reach the target
oracle_release number Major Oracle version
oracle_version varchar2 Exact Oracle version
oracle_edition varchar2 Identifies the Oracle edition - Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition
oracle_patchlevel varchar2 Currently unused.
last_restart date Currently unused.
flags number Currently unused.