Scheduler Programs

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zztat uses the following Scheduler programs, which are re-used between different jobs.

Table 1: zztat scheduler programs
Program Name Purpose Endpoint Procedure Arguments
zz$debug_prog DEBUG process zz$job_mgmt.debug (none)
zz$eye_prog ZYE handler zz$job_mgmt.eye (none)
zz$gauge_prog Runs gauges zz$job_mgmt.gauge DBID - The database ID for the gauge

GAUGE_NAME - The name of the gauge to fire

zz$manager_prog Executes data management tasks zz$job_mgmt.manager (none)
zz$purge_prog Archive and purge scheduler logs zz$job_mgmt.purge (none)
zz$react_prog Execute reactions zz$job_mgmt.react zz$reaction_parameters(zz$db, name) is an object type that specifies the reaction to execute
zz$replicate_prog Replicate metrics to the repository zz$job_mgmt.replicate METRIC_NAME - The name of the metric to replicate
zz$snap_prog Take snapshots zz$job_mgmt.snap METRIC_NAME - The name of the metric to run
zz$state_check_prog STATE_CHECK process zz$job_mgmt.state_check (none)
zz$sync_prog SYNC process zz$job_mgmt.sync (none)